Our Dogs

      No hotshots at the Stimatze Ranch.  We use good cow dogs.  Our dogs are a combination of Missouri and Australian Border Collie bloodlines.  These dogs are strong on the head and heel, and as we prefer, are slightly stronger on the head.  Contact us for your cattle dog needs.  Pups, started dogs occasionally.  Outside dogs taken for training.


1997 Red River Cattle Dog Association Open Dog of the Year

1994 Red River Cattle Dog Association Novice Dog of the Year

Roo is McCallums Boss x McCallums Crystal. (Whelped 10-20-92) She heads and heels and was very easy to train.  This is Joe's right-hand dog.  She has produced many nice pups, mostly females.  Following are some we've kept.


McCallums Tim x McCallums Crystal. Extremely hard biting female that hits both ends. Producing good pups.


Jag is the sire of Sug, 2001 LSCDF Winner

McCallum's Sledge x Roo.  (Whelped 6-12-95) Very strong on head and heels.  Jag's hip was dislocated while working cows and calves.  After a six month layoff he was run over again.  Surgery was required to tie the hip in.  He travels a little crooked and we no longer use him on cattle.  Has produced several good dogs.


Mcallums Star x Jag 1st time cross.  (Whelped 3-29-02)  Exceptional young female, biting both end hard.


Drag x McCallums Sledge  (Whelped 10-29-01) Young McCallum dog showing Great Potential. Works alot like Sledge.



Bred Strongly to the McCallums Tim line.  (Whelped 10-9-01)  He is hitting both ends. Thinking dog that is easy to handle.


Pardner x Amy 1/2 McCallum male. (Whelped 10-9-00)  Hits both ends, really easy to handle.



Drag x McCallums Sledge.  (whelped 10-29-01)  Large McCallum female. Biting both ends.

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