by Ben Means, The Perfect Stock Dog

The Lone Star Cattle Dog Futurity has come to a close again this year. Many thanks to those behind the panels, who helped turn cattle out for every run. They were great, always on the ready. To those that were helping exhaust cattle, set up panels, sort and feed, and to those doing the book work, leg work and announcing.

It was a busy weekend, full of visiting, setting up panels, measuring, and trying to think like a cow, a dog, and a handler, all at the same time. The first day needs to be fairly simple, not too many obstacles, trying not to set anything up along the fences, so it won't become a driving contest, and setting things just wide enough out in the middle where it won't turn into a professional handlers contest. The second day we try to tighten things up a bit, keeping in mind these are young dogs with only a foggy idea of what is expected of them. The finals course is the show case and should be tougher. These dogs are supposed to be cattle dogs aren't they?

Once again the Futurity served as a proving ground, showing all the breeders (with an open mind) where their program needs improving and rewarding them when the dogs they bred showed the world their strong points, whether they were in the finals or not.  In the years to come the Futurity should serve as a landmark and leader In new testing innovations, in different thinking when setting up trial courses for cattle dogs, in helping people pull together to produce whole litters of dogs that people working cattle can use, in encouraging breeders to put aside prejudices as to breed or bloodline and just think Cattle Dog.  Whether you are a cattle dog breeder or a breed fancier, IT'S THE WAY TO GO.

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Posted November 7, 2001